The LSS Purpose

Reports on safety and quality of performance in surgery such as the World Health Organization, stress the urgent need for improvement of training, education, assessment and future accreditation for technology dependent surgical procedures such as laparoscopy.

The ever increasing trend and popularity in minimal invasive procedures require surgeons to educate, train, accredit and re-accredit themselves in laparoscopic Surgery.

Progress update

LSS has developed, validated and implemented an educational and training curriculum and proficiency assessment tool with an associated E-learning platform and necessary additional tools for institutions to be able to educate and train to the required standard and issue their students the LSS Certificate of Accreditation.

LSS is an initiative and supported by European’s most dominant Society in the laparoscopic discipline, The European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES) , representing over 3000 eminent member surgeons.

The LSS Standard benchmark and Accreditation will be a much sought qualification for hospitals, clinics and associated surgeons specialists wishing to offer safe and state of the art laparoscopic procedures to patients.

Download the LSS brochure here.

Progress update

More and more are acknowledging the value of the LSS accreditation system validating laparoscopic procedures across the continent and the world at large!

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