LSS is registered as a non for profit organization with an Executive Board, a Scientific body of committees and a professional management Company responsible to assure that operational administrative logistics, communications and project deadlines are met.

The LSS Board of Directors.  

  • Professor Jack J.Jakimowicz (Chairman)
  • Professor Abe Fingerhut
  • Professor George Hanna.

 Advisory Board Members.

  • Prof Sir Alfred Cushieri (Chairman)
  • Prof Marek Soltes
  • Prof Nicola di Lorenzo

 The LSS Task Force Committee. 

  • Professor Jack J.Jakimowicz
  • Professor Marek Soltes in charge of grade 1, level 1
  • Professor Schiappa in charge of Grade 1 level 2.
  • Dr. Nader Francis in charge of Grade 2 Colorectal Surgery
  • Prof. Dr. Richard Goossens.
  • Prof. Dr Anna Rutkowski.
  • Sandeep Ganni PhD
  • Dr. Benji Tan
  • Linda van Zantvoort - Palmen in charge of finance and operations.
  • Fred Meyer in charge of development, communications and relations.

 The LSS Country specific Assessor and Country representative committee. 


  • Prof Jose Schiappa Portugal
  • Prof Marek Soltes Slovenia
  • Mr David Smith UK
  • Prof Ronald Marvik Norway.
  • Prof Chengli Song China
  • Dr Samir Ranjan Nayak India
  • Prof Jack J.Jakimowicz Netherlands
  • Prof Wolfgang Wayand Austria
  • Dr. Dirk Meijer Curacao
  • Prof Desislav Vrachanski Bulgaria
  • Prof M Adham France.
  • Prof Catalin Copaescu Romania
  • Dr. Andreas Plamper Germany
  • Prof Mario Morino Italy
  • Prof Salvador Morales Spain
  • Prof Sorin Barbu, Romania